Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lady GaGa's Monster Ball Tour Expected to get a Gross $200M

Like come on!
This many people love The GaGa.

"Gaga’s never-ending Monster Ball tour, kicked off in November of 2009 and will run at least through April of 2011... After a headlining slot at Lollapalooza, Gaga is currently trekking around the US. After her stint in the States, Gaga will then take her tour to Europe in mid-September. According to Billboard, the demand for “Monster Ball” tickets has been so high that Gaga will come back for another leg of the tour in the States next February. Gaga re-commences the US tour on February 19 in Atlantic City, and ten dates have so far been confirmed through April 18."

wanna read more? Click here.

Do I have to say this?
People, gotta love her.


  1. You're my favorite blog EVER.

    Little monster reporting in!

  2. all hail gaga. also supporting.

  3. That is a crazy tour, I have no idea she was scheduled for that long.

  4. 200 million dollars is freaking awesome, i love lady gaga!!

  5. She's going to make more than the gross of some movies out there. I wish I could get a cut...

  6. Best singer ever and my fave !!!

    Supporting and following! I hope you do the same for me ;)