Monday, August 30, 2010

Lady GaGa is Awesome!

Awesome!  We love her so much that we dont harm her.  ILUUUUUU GAGA! <3333
(Also everyone seeing this should know where its from... dissapointed if you dont)
I cannot believe she was careless enough to Let this Happen.  Im very dissapointed.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Conspiracy Theorys

I dont think Anna Nicole smith Accidentally OD'd!

I think that someone put her to it.
I feel so bad for her kids.

A moment of Silence for Anna.

Leo LEO LEO!!!!

Ok so I think he is going out with The Gaga...

1. tey are bothh beutifull nad they arent ugglie. lol!1!1!!!
2. She is da bests actressed
3. I liek poker face.

Now, Im adding leo so the world can know!
#1 blog evrar.

Pocker fase

Ok so I was in teh train and this girl was sooo totally cosplaying GaGa and I was like "NO!" and we started talking and stuff... she told me she met her and gave me her number.

I guess I might as well be on my way to prepare to meet GaGa in the Future..


Lady Gaga?Drugs?

I think that she used drugs because she wasnt able to be successful in her career.


I love blogging you konw?
Its hard to keeps bliggin when nearly nobody follwes youd.

So hart.