Thursday, September 16, 2010

100 Followers? Oh My...

Well Guys, I cannot believe it, or undo it (I definitely don't want to Undo it) but I finally got 100 Followers, Of course, not all of them come daily, but I'm sure they check me out every once in awhile.

Here is My Epic 100 Followers Pic and Hopefully, I might have some more... but really I have the best followers ever.   You guys have supported me.

A Special Shoutout goes to Swift Love, for supporting me and checking out my blog on a daily basis (I know this because of the comments XD) and amidoinitrite? also gets a shoutout because of his continuous support.  Another Special shoutout goes to Dream because of his touching content.  I enjoy your blog Dream Keep it up! I also have a Shoutout to Spontanueous and Impulsive because, like everyone mentioned above, he encourages me to continue with my blog.  And last but not least i have, !Justinbiebernewsupdate and Ohaiderr whom have supported me and have made suggestions on how to make my blog look better and I appreciate it all!

For all of you who I forgot to mention; Im sorry! Im exhausted.
For all of yhose Whom I mentioned; THANK YOU!

And with that, Im out.

You know you love me.


  1. You're welcome! Thanks you's for the shout out! :D Will keep supporting you Gaga!

  2. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog :)

  3. so hot, Interesting post man, Come check out my SC2 blog for zerg strategies =)

  4. i always support the little monsters.

  5. lady gaga is so hot. congrats on the followers

  6. I love LadyGaga! Thanks man! Now I know everything about her/him ^_^

  7. Thanks for the shoutout! I'm a big fan :)

  8. keep it up, i hope u get many more :)

  9. just wanted to stop in and support your page again.


  10. make that 101
    even though Lady Gaga is a confirmed dude I respect him as an artist.

    --Daytona Jones
    Record holder for career lols per game and 3 pt lol percentage